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Looking for Python's IDLE?
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If you came here via a third-party link (or a Google search) with the idea to download Python's IDLE, this is not the place! Please visit the Python site for more information.

(And people including a link to Idle and to this download page on their site should make sure they know what they are actually linking to. Idle is not IDLE.)

Available downloads
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Currently, there are four files available. All are standard zip files; to install simply unpack them in a suitable directory (with subdirectories enabled).

After downloading and checking the MD5 and SHA1 checksums you should unpack the zip file(s) into a single directory (for instance, c:\Program Files\Idle\). The full package (all four zips listed above) will expand into the following directory tree:

Idle directory tree

Getting Idle to work
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After unpacking the zip(s) into a subdirectory of your choice you should set the PATH environment variables to include the Idle bin\ subdirectory (this is the directory which contains the interpreter and compiler executables and the Idle runtime DLL (the executables have to be able to locate the DLL); it should be inside the directory where you unpacked the Idle zip). See also the included batch file bin\setIDLE_PATH.bat and the readme file. Once you have done that, you can test Idle by simply executing the eponymous script in subdirectory test\:

cd test
idle.exe test.idle

(More samples are located in the subdirectories below test\.)

If you want to register the .idle file type in the Windows registry, there is a little script included (see bin\RegisterIdle.idle) that should do the trick. This program also attempts to change CMD.EXE's PATHEXT environment variable such that you can execute .idle script files without having to type the tedious 'idle.exe' in front. I am not sure whether this will work for all the different versions of CMD.EXE as my experience with that shell is rather limited. Even if it does work there seem to be 'issues' with programs that use PATHEXT-run scripts in connection with file redirection. It's all Microsoft stuff, so YMMV.

If you happen to use a recent version of the excellent 4NT or TCC command line processor from JPSoft (nowadays there is even a free version called TCC/LE available), you can simply create an executable extension for .idle (for details check the JPSoft help). There are no problems with file redirection under 4NT/TCC that I know of.

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